Thoughts on these names? (for story)?

Girls :

Eirawen Rose

Cerelia Snow

Athena Harlow

Autumn Violet

October Raine

Melaina Ivory

Briallen Jewel

Johanna Thorne

Whisper Aulaire

Thalia Eden


Coven Azure

Kaiden Vinicius

Rebel Blue

Salem Moon

Dmitri Kai

Ezra King

Morgan Aries

Blair Ash

Aspen Grey

Taro Laurent

Sawyer Tate

Hunter Lachlan

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago
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    So I'll give a rating out of 10, comment, and revised version of the name:

    Eirawen Rose, 8. Eirawen is a lovely name and is Welsh for white snow, but the correct name is Eirwen. It flows beautifully. Eirwen Rose.

    Cerelia Snow, 7. Cerelia is pretty but reminds me of cereal, otherwise, it flows nicely. Celetia Snow.

    Athena Harlow, 4. Athena is a great character name, but Harlow sounds macho and modern, as opposed to the other romantic, feminie names. Athena Halo.

    Autumn Violet, 10. Beautiful name. No improvements.

    October Raine, 9. Lovely, very pretty, and flows, but I'm not sure on spelling. October Rain.

    Melaina Ivory, 7. Nice, but really doesn't flow. Iva Melayne.

    Briallen Jewel, 6. I'm not sure on this name, but it could be nice. Briony Jewel.

    Johanna Thorne, 10. Very pretty and flows beautifully! No improvements.

    Whisper Aulaire, 10. Again a mystical, faerie-like name. No improvements.

    Thalia Eden, 10. Lovely and flows well. No improvements.


    Coven Azure, 10. Interesting and mysterious. No improvements.

    Kaiden Vinicius, 9. Brilliant name but I dislike your spellings. Kayden Venetius.

    Rebel Blue, 10. Great name! Exciting! No improvements.

    Salem Moon, 10. Good name, flows well. No improvements.

    Dmitri Kai, 9. Kai is the best name ever! However, Dmitri stumbles somewhat. Dimitri Kai

    Ezra King, 9. Nice, but is over too soon, if you get my drifit. Ezera King.

    Morgan Aries, 10. I like this, although I prefer Morgan as a female name. No improvements.

    Blair Ash, 8. Nice, but short. Ashtree Blair, or, if they're not faerie names after all, Ashley Blair.

    Aspen Grey, 10. Brilliant name! No improvements.

    Taro Laurent, 7. Nice, but lacks that special something. Tauro Laurien (pronounced tor-row lor-ee-ah).

    Sawyer Tate, 5. I don't really like this name, it's a bit modern. Saian Tate.

    Hunter Lachlan, 5. I dislike Hunter and I'm not sure on Lachlan. Handra Laklann.

    I'm guessing these are names for some kind of faeries or sprites? They're very mystical.

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  • layla
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    Athena Harlow is very nice. Athena Violet also works.

    Autumn Violet is nice. Autumn Harlow also works.

    Thalia Eden is wonderful.

    Ezra King is good

    Sawyer Tate is nice, I also like Sawyer Morgan.

    Hunter Lachlan is great

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  • Bella
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    rose is pretty

    so is october, johanna, violet, and autumn.

    the other girls names sound like stripper names

    for the boys... dmitiri, exra, morgan, aries, and hunter

    blair is a girls name

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