Just got hired at Lowe's and feel out of place.?

Hi, I'm a 19 year old man who just recently (2 days of training done so far) got employed at Lowe's home improvements store. I am NOT a handy man. I did really well in the interview and was offered the job. I will be a customer sales associate. Basically, the guy walking around the store asking customers if they need help finding anything. This is a problem... cause I don't know anything! I know I am gonna try my hardest to succeed, but do you believe that this is a job I can handle without any previous knowledge of home improvements? I mean half the customers don't know what they are looking for, they just know what the piece has to do. I don't know how to answer questions like that... Any advice would help. Also, the job pays like 11.33 a hour so I wouldn't want to quit. I just want to learn the proper things that I'll need to succeed and be a appreciated employee at the store. Thanks for any help in advanced.

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    6 years ago
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    You can absolutely do it with a little homework. Get to know your store - even if you're walking around off the clock to do it. Find out who the ol' pro employees are whom you can grab in an emergency. Cruise every aisle. Memorize the departments - Lowe's is huge and a really bad place to get lost with a customer tagging trustingly along behind you. ;) You'll probably be stocking a good deal in addition to customer assistance; pay attention to what you're putting out, and check out the stuff around it. Sometimes a general vicinity is all a customer needs, and you can learn from THEM.

    You can also be unapologetically honest - "I've never actually used polyurethane before; what's it used for?" They'll tell you it's similar to varnish, and you'll have a point of reference - "must be with the varnish and lacquer". On the other hand, occasionally you'll know where an item is but not what it's used for, and many customers are more than willing to chat about how they use it and the job they're working on. Then next time you need that information, you'll remember the gist of it.

    I took a job selling sporting goods with zero experience. I didn't know a 20-gauge from an airsoft, and it took a lot of walking, asking questions, and surreptitious Googling to learn my department BUT IT WORKED. :D

    Best of luck :)

  • You will learn while you work there. You will know where the sections are so you can point out where the item the customer is looking for. Walk around the store get to know where everything is and I think you'll do fine.

    I went to Lowes looking for a job and to buy something a few days ago. I asked the employee where an item was but he didn't know. He just pointed to the general location saying it was somewhere near the wall.

    The job search didn't go well as they just told me to apply online. Anyways doesn't matter since I start working Monday as a Data Entry Clerk

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    Give it time. You're just very nervous and tense right now because it is a new job and a new setting! Just like with any job, your employers won't expect you to know everything right off the bat. That's just not how it works! Just hold your head high, study your surroundings, listen to your trainer, ask questions when you need to and stay calm!

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