How to open a farm/ranch in Texas?

I would like to open a all natural, all organic farm/ranch. I would like it to offer chickens, turkeys, pigs and maybe cattle. I would also like it to have dairy goats. And sell the milk and goat milk related products. I would also like to offer eggs too. The animals would be free range, and all organic. But i have no clue where to start. I want to start my own company for it and have it in stores. i know its a big dream but i would like to know where to start! so if you know how, or could give me some links, or share your experience about this subject please let me know.

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  • 5 years ago
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    That sounds like a money losing, inefficient nightmare. Not to put down your dream, but you're talking about raising all different kinds of animals, each with their own management and capital requirements. You would be much better off focusing on one thing, and doing it well, than trying to raise multiple kinds of animals at once. Even organic agriculture is relatively low-margin, so you need some kind of scale to make it work.

    You really need to do a business plan first and run some numbers and figure out how your dream business is going to make money. There are very few farms that do what you are suggesting.

    My advice would be to first go and work for a successful farm that is something close to what you would like to have and see how they operate. You could also study animal science or agricultural economics to gain a background in how farms work.

    Good luck.

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