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Jonathan asked in PetsDogs · 6 years ago

i was wondering if i have an emotional support dog and i get it trained to be a service dog can i then register as service dog?

I have muscle distroyhy and i was wondering if i have an emotional support dog can i get it trained to be a service dog can i then register it as a service dog?

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  • Angel
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    6 years ago
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    The dog classification has changed in the last couple of years. There is a difference between a service dog and an emotional support animal. While both recognized as helping or assisting the handler one is considered a service dog and the other is not. If you have muscular dystrophy however and besides training to assist you emotionally the dog is trained to perform tasks such as picking up dropped objects, pulling you in a wheelchair if you are in one or assisting you in any way, carrying things for you because you cannot, not because you want to - the dog can be used /recognized as a service dog.

    People get confused to the statement that many service dog facilities require you have a note from the doctor so don't let this confuse you. You do not need a prescription to train, posses or own a service dog. You do need a qualifying event, that is where the note comes in, PTSD, severe anxiety and other issues qualify for an emotional support dog, the handlers disability is not a true physical one such as a person in a wheelchair, amputee, diabetes, epilepsy etc where the dog assists them physically in every day living. The doctors not only states that you have an issue, some doctors will go so far as to state they think you would benefit from having a service dog. But it is not a prescription, just a medical statement confirming you have a need for one of these dogs.

    Hope I was not too confusing. Dogs can start as an ESD and be trained up to a service dog, not all ESD dogs will be able to certain tricks (like door opening, carrying, helping you dress etc). Usually when dogs go through training they have some basic skills - check with the dogs trainer / where you got the dog from, or if you were the trainer, whomever tested the dog could help you with the service dog part of it. There is no actual service dog registry at this time, the testing is temperament testing, that the dog is well socialized, could pass a good canine or canine citizenship test. The dog can perform steadily and well in public, has no vices (such as whining and barking etc at cars, other people or being a general nuisance in Public. It is not mandatory but is recommended (at least in my area) so that if a question arises your vet has a copy that the dog has passed testing for good citizenship and can perform the tasks in public that were asked of it. We were told to use the persons with disabilities service dog test form in the ADA website. That was 13 years ago and service dogs were a very rare item here. Guide dogs yes, service dogs no.

    Good luck. When in doubt you can always check on line ADA website for the classification requirements. I have not been through the training since 2002 so I am a little unfamiliar with all the new changes. Sorry. Contact your local mda chapter to see if they could help you with training (recommendation) or whomever trained your dog for a ESA to begin with. If you were on your own try mad or one of the local service dog facilities in your area, If your dog is well trained and qualified as an ESD, is already comfortable in public and well socialized then it shouldn't be hard to get help with he training. It is up to each trainer/facility weather they want to work with your dog (and you). Sorry so vague,you didn't mention who trained your dog or where you got it from.

  • 6 years ago

    There is no registry for service dogs

    To get a service dog you have to be disabled per ADA guidelines

    the dog has to be trained to perform a task or duty that mitigates your disability if the dog cant do a task to actually help you, then its not a service dog. If its a task you can do for yourself its not a service dog.

    The dog needs to be able to reliably work in public without distraction or aggression also.

  • 6 years ago

    if you get it trained to be a service dog and it is comfortable and behaves (not disruptive, barking, going potty etc) then after it does one task that helps you with your disability then at that point it is a service dog there is no national registration required in fact they are all scam and mean absolutely nothing. be careful though not every ESA can cut is a service dog in fact very few dogs can cut it a service dogs just keep that in mind and good luck I hope you succeed

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Probably not. Not every dog is suitable to be trained as a RELIABLE Service Dog. The chances that your untrained ESA would make the grade aren't that high.

    Contact the MD organization in your area and they will help you acquire a professionally-trained SD. BTW, it is not necessary to have a legit SD certified (though some are). The online places that claim to certify SD's are all scams.

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