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Kayy Perry/ Taylor Swift style?

I just want to do a mix of Katy and Taylor style for fun. Help please



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    Katy Perry has a really girly, bright, outgoing style, while Taylor has more of a soft, light, dressy, laid-back one. I'm not very good at outfit ideas, but if you overdid it on these, it would look a bit odd. Here's a few ideas though! :)

    1. (Preferably high-waisted) jean blue studded jean shorts and a white flowy tank top with flats. Add a brightly colored bracelet and necklace.

    2. Grey hoodie, funky patterned bright leggings and blue heels. Try a blue necklace to pair it up.

    3. Denim jeans and a pink striped halter top. To inherit more of the Katy Perry style, add some green heels.

    Sorry to not be of much help, but basically mix funky with simple and laid-back together to create a classy but laid-back and outgoing. Hope I helped!

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