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A decorating store specializing in do-it-your-self home decorators must decide how many information packets to prepare for the summer decorating season, the store managers know they will require at least 400 copies of their popular painting packet. They believe their new information packet on specialty glazing techniques could be a big seller, so they want to prepare at least 300 copies. Their printer has given the following information: The painting packet will require 2.5 minutes of printing time and 1.8 minutes of collating time, the glazing packet will require 2 minutes for each operation, the store has decided to sell the painting packet for $5.5 a copy and to price the glazing packet at $4.50. At this time, the printer can devote 36 hours to printing and 30 hours to collation. He will charge the store $1 for each packet prepared. How many of each packet should the store order to maximize the revenue associated with information packets and what is the store's expected revenue?


Here are my constraints:

Maximize Profit = 5.5 P + 4.5 G - P - G


Paiting packet P>=400

Glazing packet G>=300

Painting time ? >=2.5P+1.8P

Glazing time ? >=2G

Printing time 2.5P<=30*60

Collaging time 1.8P<=36*60

I don't know how to use "the glazing packet will require 2 minutes for each operation"

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    Following is my attempt at an answer. I always employ a spreadsheet model, and use "Solver" add in to calculate:

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    No idea

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