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Need a new skill (s)?

I would like to lean a useful new skill, any ideas?

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    Try playing games in which develop new and existing skills that you can use in various parts of your life. When I play games, I make sure it is something that can test me, for example

    Guitar Hero on a high difficulty; I enjoy straining my reaction speed, and developing it.

    Scrabble; However simple it may be, it keeps my mind working, and I can learn new things that will stick with me through time.

    Poker, either online, or real life; I enjoy the sociological aspects, like being able to read through someones subtextual expressions. Also, you have to keep your wits about you; you ain't coming out with the profit if you're gonna go all-in with any hand, all the time.

    If you're talking about a skill outside of video games, perhaps learn a musical instrument. There are studies on musicians that have been done showing those who play instruments and/or compose music use certain parts of their brains more than others, amongst the many other benefits. Just do a quick Google about it.


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    At first it is needed to know which skills you have already learned.Then it possible to give new ideas.

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    maybe learn a game such as cards or board games

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