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Were Mary Kate and Ashley killed by the illuminati? Also were they molested as children?

I'm really worried. I haven't seen Mary Kate and Ashley on TV in a while. I've never seen pictures of them in a while either. Are they OK? I mean I remember when they were every where on TV. Then they got a TV show and became famous. Then they were so hungry for money, they changed their names to "Ali and AJ" so they could get another TV show. I think they were molested as kids. They're perv dad probably made them go on TV so he could get off to them (SICK). That's why he wanted two TV shows of them, so he could see them all the time.

Anyway, were they killled by the illuminati? Also were their dad in the illuminati and he killed them? The illuminati has been killing celebrities and musicians for centuries. Recently, the illluminati killed Leonard Nimoy. They also killed John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Amy Whinehouse, Whitney Houston (they also drowned Bobby Christina Brown in a tub to kill her but failed so she's in a coma), Layne Staley, George Harrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Rivers, Robin Williams, John Kennedy, Steve Jobs, Malcom X, Che Guevera, Dimebag Darrel, that guy from the Rolling Stones who was upside down in his pool (he drowned), Keith Moon, Nelson Mandela, Cliff Burton, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Kennedy, Steve Irwin (no evidence of stingray), Keith Moon, Dr. Seuss, and many more. They even killed Paul McCartney and replaced him with another guy.

It would be no surprise if Mary Kate and Ashley murdered by illuminati.


If Mary Kate and Ashley are still alive, why haven't I seen a picture of them.

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    No they Quit acting and are focusing on their fashion line.Mary Kate is engaged to some 40 yr old guy though.

    They are still alive

    And the illumunati doesn't exist and i don't think they were molested

    Because they aren't that famous anymore. Paparazzi cares more about the more famous Celebrities

    They catch them sometimes here and there but not often

    It's not that hard to look up recent pictures all you have to do is google Mary Kate and Ashley 2014 or 2015

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    No and no.

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