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Why women hate MGTOW?

If women control men through sex and attraction then it could be said that men control women through access to resources. When women didn't work men controlled women by controlling the purse strings. Now women have jobs so men can't put money over women's heads. And society doesn't accept and allow violence so men don't really have control over women in modern society. Women are free to do whatever they want. Women of course still use their looks and appearance to attract and manipulate men and society doesn't see this as against the law. It's just a harmless lie right? But men are waking up to this and realizing we don't have power in relationships and our dealings with women so why bother if all we do is give and all women do is take.

And why are many women in the western world unsatisfied what we men do every single time? If we reject a woman, her friends would also take it personally and attack the man. You know that if we go our own ways in life, you are no value to us. Of course, that is a threat to women.

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    Because it empowers men. Keeps men from being the puppet and asking women for approval on being a man. MGTOW teaches men the dirty little secret about women and how they perpetrate a lie that insists that if you constantly give to women they will respect you... No, that's how you get used.

    MGTOW teaches men to think for themselves and nevermind what women think of them because women hate not being able to label a man and control him. thanks to MGTOW we now have a forum where we can join forces and choose to be her slave or be our own man and walk with our head high with pride... Even if that means being alone. i like my chances better than being with a woman who may be here to day and gone the next.

    i don't need women. i only need my wits. my pride opens more doors and has also illuminated my inner strength to resist the temptation of the dragon female and her puppet sorcery.

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    I am not a MGTOW. I am, however, a PreToGoAl PREpared TO GO it ALone I am not going to thrust myself into a relationship for fear that there may be nothing for me tomorrow. I've squandered many years in many relationships playing by "ground rules" (an actual quote used by a few of the women in my past) which I had no say in creating. I just capitulated so as not to upset the holy host of the sacred orifice. I think it will ultimately be better to press the reset button the moment I see a red flag (or even a pink flag) in a woman's behavior. And if that means I die alone, guess what - that's what widowers do anyway.

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    To be fair, I think if your described MGTOW to most women, and explained why these men have a problem with current gender dynamics - they'd actually be quite understanding. The expulsions of an academic Gender Studies class, are not representative of the normal sane majority

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    I think only the insecure drama queens and control freaks hate MGTOW.

    Or the women who fall in their generalizations. A smart, mature woman who isn't the type of female which they mention in their videos doesn't give a damn about it.

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    You really think men had control over women. It was the women who had control over the men my friend. Think of a queen. What does a queen do. Gives orders, doesn't work, ranks in all the dough the king makes and spends it on luxuries and fun for herself. She nags the king for luxuries and the king has to raid other lands for resources, riches, while the queen sits on her butt and ranks in all the luxury he obtains. This is how marriages used to be and still are for some men only now the queen can leave the kingdom and if they have kids together, she can buy her own castle with the kings money, get new kings of her choosing, dump them if she wants to, and live with the first king paying off all her finances and new luxuries. Women are not the slave. Men are. Now that things have got out of hand, now I think it's time we told you the truth. The truth we were too afraid to speak up out of the wrath of the queens fury. All this is the truth. Now women are going to get jobs of there own and

    Source(s): become independent from ordering around kings. I say go right ahead. In fact, I am ruiting for women to make it big and support themselves instead of relying on a king to do everything for them. These changes are good. Your actually doing us all a favor. Peace. I hope you succeed. :)
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    I watched some of their videos and I do have to agree with some of the things they say. I think their main concerns are feminism. I think they are putting their information very well on failures of feminism today. Especially when double standards do exist, and when men are shamed for nothing.

    There are some insulting opinions, but I honestly do not care. As long as men have the freedom like we do without getting dictated, the two genders can collaborate well together.

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      As long as we men aren’t hurting anyone, we’re allowed to go our own ways.

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    Only feminists hate MGTOW's. And it's because they know they can't control them.

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    I don't care if women hate MGTOW or why they hate MGTOW. It is of no importance.

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    If a man is weak to a woman's sexuality but her personality is a turn off, that's your problem. Attraction is natural. So men's power is in their brute force to dominate physically? What an idiot. If you stink this badly it's not a woman's fault u can't find a good mate.

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    It's not as complicated as you think, buddy. All you need to do it watch a couple of MGTOW videos to realise that they love to insult women.

    It's natural to hate those who hate you.

    3 TDs? Are we really going to deny that MGTOWs hate women?


    "the two genders can collaborate well together." - Are you kidding? You may want to collaborate. But MGTOWs don't want anything to do with you. They're not going to trust you. That is a significant part of their ideology.

    "There are some insulting opinions, but I honestly do not care." - And that's why you're not going to listen to me.

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      I can see where lampro is coming from but I wouldn't use the word hate. There's definitely some resentment, after all modern day feminism teaches that disrespecting men is empowerment for women. Mind you feminism is just female nature on steroids, so some insults on women should be expected.

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