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do you like my lyrics?

Two months went by fast as a quickie

Need a fast fixie

I got a hangover before class even

Started took two bottles of Jack Daniels

In my chanel bag

Chanel bag , getting type of huge yesterday

After school , we drunk away the day.

Your crazy preacher father

Broke in the door and Found us

Listening to Green Day til 4am

On Saturday morning .

He got angry at us

Am I a bad influence here

guess so . Really , I do not gave a care

In the world

Blah , blah , blah

Taking the drama to the next level with

My big mouth .

Princess drama

Living at home is a like

eye sore ( eye sore )

Princess drama

Passing no classes , I skipped

my last two classes to hang out with my

Friends came home drunk cause

I do not give a care

Blah , blah , blah

Stop talking to me with holy water

Preaching .

Threw my promise rings in the waste

Basket , sold my holy book on Ebay

For 500 dollars .

Slept til 3pm every week

I got a C+ in math class .

I wear HotTopic

I wear hoodies

I wear low top vans

And shades on my face

Pastel hair , don't even care .

Piercing on the left and Piercings on the


Princess drama . Don't even care

Princess ... !

(GG) 2015

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    please stop

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