Do Category cables i.e. Cat4, Cat5, Cat6 etc. come in varieties of both STP or UTP?

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    5 years ago
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    Yes.  UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable is the most common, since the differential signaling method can usually eliminate induced noise.  Shielded cable is needed only for long runs that increase crosstalk‡, and in cases of unusually high EMI (electromagnetic interference).

    [ ‡ Each pair of wires has a different "twist ratio", the number of turns per metre.  This reduces crosstalk between pairs, but not sufficiently for some long cable runs.  In those cases, FTP (foil shielded pair) cable is used, in which each twisted pair has a foil wrap.  This also reduces EMI, but very electrically noisy environments may also require a braided shield ('screen") that encloses the entire cable. ]

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    Or can a certain category of cable only be one of the two?

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  • 5 years ago

    You mean shielded twisted pairs and unshielded twisted pairs? Yes you can get Cat5 in either shielded or unshielded.

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