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The Corrections Specialization trains individuals for a career in Corrections and employment with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.?

I'm going to college for Criminal Justice. Can you be or reach to be a detective with this? I was planning on going to a 2 year college then transfer to a 4 year college in houston texas. I like stuff that deals things on law and order svu. I just asked a question like this before, but i still want to know other feed backs. I admire what they do on law and order, i know this is a fictional show but it is based on real stories that has happened to people and that's what i want to do. I have been watching the show for a very long time and i graduate high school in 2016. I just want to know is there anything i should do or what can i do to prepare for this job.? I want to work in the SVU unit or just anything close to it that deals with criminals.

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    TDCJ has nothing to do with the police or police detectives other than housing and dealing with those convicted of felonies.

    Being a state corrections guard does not lead to being the police. Without being the real police you cannot ever get to be a detective.

    Some county sheriffs (not Haris County as far as I know) do have their jail corrections people move into sheriffs deputy police. From there you can attempt to become a detective.

    Having a cj degree will not help you be a cop let alone be a detective.

    Any of the police related courses of study, like criminal justice, police science, etc. are way too limited in scope for a future cop. Cops need wide ranging education and experience to be effective.

    When you attend a police academy you get the current criminal justice classes you need to be a cop.

    A detective is a synthesizer. A person who uses their wide ranging knowledge to bring together dispirit information into a whole. A detective uses their experience, as a real police officer and as an officer who has attended court often and learned from their mistakes, to make a case

    Concentrating on police type classes does not help you with any of what makes a good cop or detective.

    Having a generalized education can help. Learning to use and develop your critical thinking skills is essential

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