Is facebook dying off?

People are like "Stop trying to bring facebook back" is there any evidence that facebook is losing users? It true, i dont hear about facebook anymore, its usually just instagram and twitter.

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  • 6 years ago
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    it's not dying off at all for people who obey the rules and use it for staying in touch with actual friends and use it for what it was intended to be used for... but it is kinda dying off for the really young crowd (10-15) because they dont think there are any rules about lying - and their account gets suspended for lying and creating multiple accounts - i'm 46 and use facebook daily to stay in touch with actual friends and have no interest in twitter or instagram because i dont care about celebrities and people who are just attention starved and trying to promote something

  • amber
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    6 years ago

    Teens really seem to be the ones more into twitter and instagram and don't use Facebook. It's also easier to follow celebrities on those. But I think 25 year olds and up still regularly use Facebook, at least from what I see.

  • 6 years ago

    That is somewhat true. Many articles have shown that Facebook's popularity with the younger audiences is going down because the number of adult users is going up. Sadly, most of the users were kids/teens who didn't want their parents friending them on Facebook, posting embarrassing pictures of them, etc, so they left to join the other growing social medias. This isn't such a major hit to Facebook because it still has numerous users, but that does make Facebook less and less "in".

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