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Decor for rental home?

Need help with decorating my (rental) home. I have lots of ideas but I am terrible at actually doing anything in my home. I would appreciate any help. I have pictures (off Google, they are not my own but they are posted on another site so I could share here). They are of the kitchen, living room, and bathroom the way they look. They have colors that don't seem to match much. I CANNOT paint the walls so please don't tell me to do that because that is not going to happen. I just need ideas with decor and colors I can put in each room. The living room actually has oak wood floors rather then the yellow and has same color walls as in the bathroom (it's like a off white color). The bathroom has the same color cabinets like the living room floor does (oak looking color) but the bathroom has tiled walls half way up like the kitchen does, which is in the next picture. It all just seems like awkward colors and I don't know how to decorate or even what colors will go well with them (like pops of colors in the rooms) Any help is appreciated and sorry if this is long.

**I cannot paint walls or do any major things in this home.*

Please let me know if the photos do not show for you. The link is down below. Thanks

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