Portuguese Translation???

So I have to preform a skit for my portuguese class and I dont know how to translate it. Can someone plz help?

Waitor; Good evening,welcome to _____. My name is ___ and I will be your waitor.

Girl:Good evening: how are you?

Waitor:Im great, can I start you off with a drink or appatiezer?

Girl: Yes can I have a ceaser salad with red wine?

Waitor: Of course!

Girl: Thank you

Waitor: Are you ready to order the main meal?

Girl: Yes, can I have a steak cooked meadian well, and agua

Waitor: Here you are!

Girl: This is soo good

Waitor: Is everything fine with your meal?

Girl: Yes

Waitor: Can I interest you in dessert?

Girl: OF course! Can I have a slice of cake

Waitor:(comes back with food)

Girl: How much will this be?

Waitor: ____ euros.

Girl: Have a good noite

Waitor same to you!

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    Waitor; Boa noite, bem vindo a _____. Meu nome é ___ e vou servirte.

    Girl: Boa noite: Como voce esta?

    Waitor: Todo bem, posso darte uma bebida ou um aperitivo?

    Girl: Sim, eu gostaria uma ensalada do Ceaser com vinho vermelho ?

    Waitor: Por suposta!

    Girl: Obrigada

    Waitor: Voce esta lista pedir o prato principal?

    Girl: Sim, vou comer um medio bem steak , e agua.

    Waitor: Aqui voce tem.

    Girl: Esta é tão boa.

    Waitor: Tudo bem com teu jantar?

    Girl: Sim

    Waitor: Voce gostaria sobremesa?

    Girl: Por suposta! Eu quero um pedaço de bolo.

    Waitor:(volta com a comida)

    Girl: Cuanto é o jantar?

    Waitor: ____ euros.

    Girl: Tem uma boa noite

    Waitor: Mesma à voce

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    If you are in a Portuguese class, and this is your assignment, odds are that you're supposed to have learned enough in class to where you can perform a skit like this. Look through your class materials and textbook if you have one. If you really don't know enough Portuguese to do this, and you don't have the resources available to figure it out, ask your teacher for help.

    You're not learning anything if some random person on the Internet translates everything for you.

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