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Does anyone know that Jackie Chan abandoned his children?

I found out that Jackie Chan has 2 now adult children who he had with a woman while he was married but never raised or supported them, only his son JC Chan whom he bought a mansion and other things.

The children even said that they don't want their father's money or relationship. Is this a sample of east Asia's freakish omittance of the children's well being in place obsession with filial piety and Confucianism?

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    Jacky Chan similar to all his CCP masters are shameless, heartless, moral-less bastards thats why Jacky could get along so well with CCP gangsters.

    He has had tons of endless affairs with women from all around the world even up to the present day. Believably his offsprings in total should be more than 2 - 3.

    He has a girl born to a HK actress 15 years old, because the actress blown the story up in the news, Jacky out of no choice supported the girl's basic livelihood ever since.

    Jacky only good at spitting commies shIIt, he's despised upon in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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    I lot of people think Jackie Chan is a bad father, especially after one of this sons was jailed for drug offensives in mainland China.

  • Chinese pretend to filial piety but as soon as they get a bit of money they are off on overseas holidays at Spring Festival instead of seeing their old parents

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    5 years ago

    That actors have complicated family histories is not at all unusual, unfortunately.

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  • It is his own family matter and has nothing to do with outsiders, unless, foreign spies are trying to launch a new political propaganda with a motive to smear those who love their motherland, China.

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    He chopped his way out of there lives

  • 5 years ago

    I do not know that. I'm sure somebody does, though.

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    5 years ago

    No,nor do I care.

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