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Professional Wrestling: What do The People think about Impact! Wrestling giving Kurt Angle the belt?

First A Quote From The TNA People:

"Kurt Angle is a huge draw in pro wrestling unlike The Ladies Man Slowman Reigns who only gets cheered by women. There is a difference between a veteran like Angle who will always draw crowds and force feeding a guy to fans who they don't like at all. Then again WWE isn't really wrestling. "Oh wow look at that specimen" - Vince Mcmahon." - Destination American_James

Now on with the previous asked question:

It's not a spoiler, Impact! Wrestling is basically treating us like Ignoramuses.

Plugging Preview commercials which blatantly spoil the end of the pre-taped episode they are currently airing;

And yet, Total Nonstop Action faithfuls will defend this ....; Dixie Carter fears creating her own God Damn draw. But, what do you expect when Josh Matthews & Taz waste time plugging 'Mountain Monsters Big Foot Edition" like we're all brain dead hicks too drunk to put two and two together.

......' Christ someone try to tell me having Kurt Angle, Forty-Six year old wrestling on toothpicks can barely do a basic hold Kurt Angle is going to be a draw over building talent like Roode, Storm, Aries, [Joe], EC3, Bram, ect. Hell, Rockstar Spud would be more of a God Damn Draw then Angle at this point.

Someone explain to me how 'One More Angle' Kurt Angle is a Draw? If Kurt Angle is a Draw, why isn't Impact! Wrestling booming [Outside of Dixie Carter's lack of Advertising technique outside of Twitter].

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    Angle was a huge draw 0_0.

    Don't get me wrong. Angle is one of my top 10 faves of all time but how is he ever been a huge draw.

    Plus, TNA lol. What has happened to it.

  • 6 years ago

    meh don't care about TNA anymore. Im surprised they didn't spoil who Kurt will lose the belt to on a commercial yet.

  • 6 years ago

    It sucks. I prefer if he would've taken the US Championship off of Rusev instead of the TNA Title off whoever. Haven't watched TNA in years so idk who the last champion was.

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