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what do you think about me :read the note first?

1. i am the only child in my house.

2. im born on 1993 may, because of my height people thinks im older than my real age.

3. my language is sinhala but i dont watch sinhala films & hear sinhala songs.

4. 1993 to 2007 i felt alone and i had no one to play, talk etc..

5. from 2007 to today i spend 98% of my free time on a computer.

6. some how i learned java, html, php ,vb (computer programming languages) by reading internet articles.

7. if some one is bad, no matter how helpful to me i remove him from my friendship.

8. i have small amount of friends and some people say they are with me because of my computer skills (some times i think that might be true).

9. i never celebrated my birthday since im 11 year old. even i dont remember when date comes.

10. now my school time is over, i just passed without A marks.

11. i feels like i have no one to talk to. but i keep my self busy by watching TV series ,films, testing computer programming etc..

12. in 2012 i didnt knew how to get a girlfriend but i liked a girl , i just asked that girl i liked but she didnt at least knew my name and she said no i cant.

13. from 2012 i didnt go to a doctor for anything , what ever pain i handled it. i stopped eating foods for enjoyment(no fruits etc..) i just eat when im too much hungry.

14. i think if i ask again i will trouble her, if i find another girl that i like she will say no to me too that is more painfull.


15. in these days i get some money for my android apps on google play i travel alone everywhere in my country without a reason just to skip my life pain.

16. i use public transport and when i see couples on beaches,bus stands etc.. i feel my self so weak.

17. i never keep this month earnings in next month, i just give beggar on end of the month if i have some money on me.

18. by the way my app is installed every 1 phone out of 10 android phones in sri lanka 10% sri lankan phones. i feel happ

Update 2:

18. by the way my app is installed every 1 phone out of 10 android phones in sri lanka 10% sri lankan phones. i feel happy about that.

19. i have no life goals, i dont want anything because i have no one to care for me or care for them.

20. i love animals , and i help them, trying to be a vegetarian.

21. i talk to less than 30 people in a month including my mother and father.

22.i help others i dont care about my personal matters..

23. now im typing all about me.

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  • Nina
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    5 years ago
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    Hey don't worry bro. I can tell you one thing clearly. Don't worry about not getting A's. It's very hard to get an A in our country. Talk to your childhood friends.

    And there's another thing you can do. Watch cricket matches with someone you know. That's the best way to have fun time with people. If you like animals that's a good thing. Animals know love better than some humans. Have a pet. It can be a puppy, a kitten or a squirrel or any animal you like.

    Don't worry. I know you'll find good friends soon. If you can't find good friends, spend some time here on Y!A. There are many people who are in the same situation as you.

    All the best !!!

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    • hasantha5 years agoReport

      "soon i will find friends"< that's not going to happen. i go out of my house 4 times per 30 days.that 4 time is (15.on the note)march.13 i know kaluthara,panadura,colombo,dambulla,galle,matara,kandy,nuwala eliya,balangoda,negambo,halawatha towns very well but my home town ratnapura.

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  • 4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Sounds good

    • hasantha5 years agoReport

      no not good at all.

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