What's this movie called?

In this movie a couple were in love but mother thought they were too young. After 20 years the woman owned a hotel and the man came back as a decorator. Woman was engaged but couple found they still loved one another. Think woman's name was Grace. Reba McIntyre (sp?) was the mother.

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    ALWAYS & FOREVER -- a 2009 Hallmark Channel Original Movie starring Rena Sofer, Dean McDermott and Barbara Eden as the mother


    Back in 1989, Grace and Michael were high school seniors who had the type of romance that only high school seniors can have. But, like so many teenage relationships before theirs, it was not meant to last. Grace left for college, someone broke up with someone (who remembers anymore?), and the perfect sweethearts were no more. Twenty years later, Michael (Dean McDermott) travels around overseeing construction for a hotel chain, while Grace (Rena Sofer) returned home to start a design firm. In town for work, Michael’s sister convinces her perpetually single brother to attend his 20-year high school reunion, while Grace’s boyfriend, Phillip, convinces her to do the same. Shocked to have run into each other after all this time, Grace and Michael reconnect, and as they reminisce over old times, the memories and laughs lead to rekindled feelings from their abandoned relationship. Now, with Grace’s mom (Barbara Eden) pushing her daughter to end up with the man she thought was right for Grace all along and Grace’s father (Max Gail) wishing Grace’s mother would just stay the heck out of it, Grace must decide between the reliability of a relationship with Phillip or the uncertainty of a romance that already burned out once before

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      Had my details wrong but you found it anyway. Thanks!

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    Basically every romantic comedy since the beginning of time.

  • is it batman the dark night

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