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Video & Online Gaming: Why are The People so quick to defend The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as 'The Greatest Game Of All Time?

Bethesda Softworks's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is fine as long as it is compatible with the television/Monitor set-up you have, unfortunately Skyrim can become a fetch quest very quickly with a lot of forgettable characters and little substance of plot.

There is no way, Bethesda Softworks's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is 'The Greatest Game Of All Time', it's an entertaining beautiful game at it's highest and an absolutely unbearable snore at the slowest points.

This isn't even skimming over Stats, Combat Mechanics, ect.

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    I played it religiously for about 40 hours. And by the time i beat it i found it so painfully repetitive that i could not stand to ever touch it again..and i haven't. But if it was on the occulus i would definitely maybe try it again., really the most annoying part is switching skills during battle. The xbox has voice recognition, you'd think there would be a voice system for changing through skills during battle.

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    The game isn't THAT vague about how you are supposed to start. You just follow your nose towards the mark on your compass. Many people find the biggest problem with Skyrim is it holds the players hand too much. All I can say to you is avoid Dark Souls I have never found a problem with the combat. Just remember to equip armor and use better weapons as you go. If you are really struggling you can simply turn the difficulty down in the setting menu. I am unsure to what you mean by "the state system." The compass is just that- a compass. It is not a mini map and just shows the direction straight to the objective. The player is expected to negotiate obstacles them self. I have played Skyrim for Xbox 360 on a variety of screens ranging from 22" through to 52" and have never had a problem. Again check your video settings in the menu. Selling items is as simple as going to a merchant and pressing sell. Some merchants will only buy certain items if thats what your problem is. The general goods store will by anything you have unless it is stolen. Stolen goods you can only sell once you advance to joining the theives guild. Merchants also only have a limited supply of gold which resets every 48 hours game time. The only way of clearing a bounty is by going to jail or paying your bounty off. Otherwise bounty hunters will chase you. Next time a guard appoaches you in a city let the dialougue continue and choose on of thee options. Again if you constantly loot enemies and use better weapons and armour as you go you shouldn't have an issue. In terms of saving the player is expected to save manually via the pause menu. Autosaves only occur when entering a new area or waiting. If you are only 25 minutes into the game I don't know how you expect to have been in many caves and towns. You should have gone from Helgen to Riverwood and onto Whiterun which are all quite different from each other. Mabey the reason you are having so many issues is because you aren't doing the quests and wandering aimlessly through the wilderness?

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    I don't think anyone should defend anything as the greatest game of all time. There is no such thing, different people like different games. However I have no problem with people defending a game as their favorite game of all time as they are completely entitled to this opinion.

    In regards to Skyrim I know exactly why people say it is one of the best games ever. In terms of story and gameplay the game is one of the crowd but it is the exploration that sets Skyrim, and the other Elder Scrolls (lets just say Bethesda) games apart. They create worlds you can get lost in for hours on end and many people, myself included love this.

    People will always claim one game is "the best game ever," but that is the internet for you. People will shove their point of view down your throat until hell freezes over and there is nothing anyone can do to stop this. For many people Skyrim is their favorite game and it is for this simple reason why they will defend it as the worlds greatest game.

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    I think most people who believe that skyrim is the greatest game is probably because its the first elder scrolls game they ever played.i love the elder scrolls series but still think that both morrowind and oblivion are better than skyrim,even with all of there supposed faults.skyrim is a good game,but not the greatest game ever.remember,this is only my opinion and like everyone else im entitled to it.

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    because its a fun game and didn't you ask this already

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