Hey, Could you give me some advice?

I am 16, in 9th grade.

(I was adopted from Russia, and was held back twice. I am grateful to my mom for this, because had she decided not to, I would be an average student. I am a grade A student, although I do have a B in math.)

I personally love the ocean and any animals in it, and I really don't want to spend anywhere else in life, but on the ocean. I live in Orlando Florida, and I want a Degree in Hospitality. My dream is to either start some form of business, related to the ocean, and live near the ocean. -and or-enter a business near the ocean. I love people, so I would love to be a manager to a classy hotel, near a beautiful resort. Or maybe I start a business, of some kind to fix something I dislike about the ocean. The tricky part is finding something to fix, to set my mind to that will make money.

If you read all that, thanks, it means a lot. So my question, is where do I go from where I am now, to get to that dream job. I obviously need to go to college, and the #9 Hospitality College in the nation is in my back yard, (UCF). Do I pursue a degree there? If so what? Do I need a PhD, or can I get by with a masters degree. Do I pursue multiple degrees? Any advice you can share... I'd be grateful for it. I don't have a solid path yet that I want to follow, and I want to make one. I wanna be successful in life... See the world.

I've made mistakes in life, I've cheated in school... But now I am ready to grow up. Thanks to anyone who answers.

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    5 years ago
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    UCF is a very large school with second highest student population of any university in the U.S. (over 52,000 students go there)! Thus, if personalized attention from professors is something you desire when you begin college, then I suggest looking for a smaller school. Introductory courses at UCF have 500 students, and sometimes more! That can be very intimidating for some people so you just have to find a school that suits you best. Collegeboard.org is a great place to start looking for colleges. Just click on the 'college search' tab at the top of the page when you visit the website.

    I recommend considering the following degrees: environmental engineering, marine biology, environmental science, and so on.

    Note: you do not have to choose a major until the beginning of your junior year in college. To clarify, a major is what you earn a degree in. All college students are required to choose a major, but again, you don't have to until the beginning of your junior year IN college.

    No, you do not need a PhD. A master's degree is enough! A master's is equivalent to six years in college. But a PhD is equivalent to twelve years, so don't be scared of six.

    You could pursue multiple degrees but you don't need to. Many college students double major but what many of them don't know is that one does not earn two degrees with a double major. If you'd like to earn two degrees, you'd have to pursue a dual degree; not a double major.

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  • Geomi
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    5 years ago

    Yes, get a degree in hospitality. That would be an idea. Remember that hospitality jobs in Miami or Orlando are very competitive,

    but you are a native resident, very stable and well-trained, so you may have and easier time getting a job. So, you may have to settle for jobs further north or for jobs where you would be considered to be over-trained. However, if you think about it, it may be that hopitality management may offer you a lot of opportunities. Although, I don't know that for a fact. Good luck. I was a college professor of education.

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  • 5 years ago

    To get your dream job, you need to figure out first what it is.

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