Is an online cloud backup service such as Backblaze (5$ a month) cheaper or more expensive than buying your own HDDs for backup?


... In the long run (this part didn't fit into the question lol).

Thank you very much!

Update 2:

Let's say you have 10 terabytes of data for backup, for instance, to use as an example :)

Update 3:

I just found this graph (keep in mind that it has been made by an online backup company (backblaze) so it's possible that it may be biased... but it actually sounds realistic to me according to my personal experience.

Update 5:

So if you have three 3TB drives, and you're expecting them to last like 6 years, or 72 months, (50% of them supposedly last that long), then, supposing each of those drives costs 150$ (that's 450$ total), those 9 TB will have cost you 6.25$ a month for the duration of those 6 years, which doesn't seem bad considering the extremely higher practicality when comparing to online backup. It's not as secure though.

Update 6:

physical backup is also not as easy or fool-proof to perform physically, although the recovery process with online service potentially taking forever can be a problem. You can pay for an actual delivery of an HDD containing your backup but you pay extra for this so you say goodbye to the similarity in price then.

Update 7:

And if you're backing up much less than 10 Terabytes, then physical backup may actually be cheaper than online backup. ex: 1 TB drive costs like 100$ (or less), for 6 years, that means 1.3 $ / month only. So, in this case, you would be wasting a lot of money by signing into a 5$/month online backup solution, even though, in terms of capacity, it would be more practical. Strange ... lol

Update 8:

... more practical than online backup of 9 TB, that is. It's never as practical (or fast) than a physical external drive.

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  • Oryx
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    5 years ago
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    In the long run buying a HDD is cheaper because it's a one time cost. They're very inexpensive nowadays and within a year or so it'd prove itself cheaper than an online service.

    • cybergofer
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      5 years agoReport

      For most people, who don't have a lot of data, you answer is definitely accurate. :) It's only beyond a certain number of terabytes that the 5$ a month from cloud backups start becoming cheaper :)

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