Help! a diagram or steps how a corporate office connect to internet?

a digram or give name of devices step by step how a corporate office connect to public internet (from internet to client machines )

thank you


what devices used to connect internet (in order ) like switch,....>firewall......> unteil internet

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    Imagine a small company with one main office. It has one building with only 1 floor. There are 30 employees. They have a cable Internet connection that came with 1 dynamic Public IP. They have a mix of desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets -- which means they have wired and wireless connectivity to the 'Net.



    30 Employees

    21 desktops + 9 laptops

    5 tablets

    1 Cable modem + 1 Internet router w/4 switch ports

    2 Cisco 2950 24-Port PoE switches

    3 Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Points

    Basic Diagram:


    15 Desktops <--> Switch-1 <--> Router LAN port-1 <--> Cable Modem

    06 Desktops + 9 laptops <--> Switch-2 <--> Router LAN port-2 <--> Cable Modem

    02 Wireless APs <--> Switch-1

    01 Wireless AP <--> Switch-2

    This small office can't afford a standalone firewall (at the moment), so they have to make do with the Cable router's firewall.

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