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Which university you recognize more as an employer for master management consulting? university college dublin or university of bath ?

I got accepted in both universities with same programs for my master which universities as an employer you recognize more ?

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    You keep asking this same question over and over using slightly different words. Nobody can make that decision for you. Both universities are perfectly respectable, even if neither is quite at the very top of the academic rankings etc. You will be equally employable (or not) whichever one you graduate from. In any case, what does it matter what someone here at Y!A says - I could say Bath is better, someone else could say UCD is, and you'd be none the wiser. Even if you ask a thousand people and half of them tell you one, half the other, how is that going to help you make up your mind? I think you'll just have to work out this one on your own, or else pick one at random and get on with it.

    Oh OK then, I'll say Bath is better, go for it!

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