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should I believe my doctor??

K I went for a check up but my doc wasn't in so I had to see a nurse practitioner, she checked my heart n lungs n said they sounded great for my age n I shouldn't worry??? Are nurse practitioners qualified to really know? She also checked my throat Cuz I been having hoarseness n all she said is I have really big tonsils n didn't seem to concerned about my voice, she's sending me to a sleep center Cuz I can't sleep n told me my tonsils might be causing the sleep deprivation, could my tonsils be causing my hoarseness too? I hate my voice n it's been like this since 2013, she said there was no inflammation or anything, jus that my tonsils are really big, oh n by the way I'm not sick, I haven't had the cold or flu in a whole year, so my question is, should I believe her???

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    Yes, Nurse Practitioners are highly trained and qualified to handle most medical problems. If your large tonsils are causing some breathing problems while you sleep, it can cause hoarseness also. Get the sleep tests done and then see what treatment they recommend. You got good advice.

  • teri
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    6 years ago

    When I go to a doctor, never seems to fail they have a place (or another doctor) that they will refer you too. What they fail to mention is they get kick backs for doing this. Seems doctors are only in the profit business these days. I don't trust them.

    Problem is weak sheeple have stopped taking responsibility for themselves and instead have prostrated themselves before doctors. Doctors have taken advantage of the weakness of these ignorant ones.

  • Sandy
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    6 years ago

    See what the sleep center people say.

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