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In Japan now & would like to go from Tokyo to Hiroshima to Kyoto - any discount bullet train deals besides JR given I'm ineligible?

Hi All - I am a tourist in Japan right now and unfortunately did not buy a JR pass before I came (ugh)....I would like to go Tokyo to Hiroshima to Kyoto and end in Kyoto (not going back to Tokyo, as I'll fly out of the Osaka Kansai Airport). Are there any deals for me to be had on the bullet trains? Any advice? I feel like I'll be paying $400 or $500 USD now for the 3 train rides :-/ Thanks in advance

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    This is a discount plan for Kodama shinkansen. But only between Tokyo and Kyoto.

    But I don't know why you think you need $400-500

    If you take Shinkansen from Tokyo to Hiroshima, then from Hiroshima to Kyoto, it's 27,000 yen or so which is $230. I don't know your exact route.


    Yes, but my estimate first was somewhat ballpark figure. So please prepare 30,000 yen or so for certainty.

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    Thanks!! :-) So essentially I should just show up to Tokyo Station, buy a ticket to Hiroshima for the next train, then do the same in Hiroshima when I'm heading there to Kyoto? And those two train rides will be around 27,000 yen total combined? Works for me.

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    unless your planning on travelling within the next week, you should still be able to find a company abroad that will fedex one to you in japan.

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