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Is it possible for Bigfoot to have eluded science for this long?

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    Yes. It is possible and IMO I think it is probable but then again I think I know the evidence far better than 99.9999% of the people. Gray Bold suggests most scientist reject bigfoot implying that most scientists know the first thing about it which is obviously false. Those who have studied the evidence thoroughly such as Dr. Krantz of Washington State University who I had the opportunity to talk with once, Dr. Meldrum of Idaho State University, ... and I could list a long list of Drs... all think the evidence is compelling as do I. Dr. Meldrum who is an expert in hominid locomotion is convinced by the footprint evidence. Even one of my heros, Jane Goodall, thinks Bigfoot are likely real.

    I am a scientist and I am careful about evidence and belief but it is important to be skeptical of both sides of the issue. It is amazing that Bigfoot has eluded discovery for so long. Well they have been discovered in that we have a long history of Native American stories, totem poles depicting them, carvings, legends, myths, etc that match recent reports and sightings.

    We do have lots of evidence from very good reports, footprints that sometimes go for more than a mile, film such as the Patterson film, hairs, scat, and even hand and body prints. There are reports of a molar and earlier (Minaret skull)

    and I could go on but what we still need a body or reasonably good DNA sample.

    Bigfoot is nearly always reported as very human like. Researchers tend to turn those reports into some kind of ape but in fact if you actually just read the reports, the only thing that is "ape" about them is their hair, large muscles, and bent over gait. I think it is likely extremely intelligent and knows that if it exposes its self, it will likely get shot. Since it is typically 8 feet tall and pushing a 1000 pounds, it would take a big gun to put it down. I suspect a few of them have been killed in the past. Daniel Boone went to his deathbed swearing that he killed a 10 foot Yahoo (hairy ape men from the book Gulliver's Travels). Sadly no piece was kept. Even if it was, it would likely be labeled as a giant human IMO. Even when we found fossils of a small hominid on the Island of Flores in Indonesia a few years ago, many insisted that the fossils represented modern humans. We know this to be false and in fact, they aren't even that closely related to humans so those who think they know we have no fossil representatives are mistaken. We very well may have but any hominid looking fossils would be considered giant Indians and there are a few examples of that.

    I think it is only a matter of time before they are proved.

    I have read a book recently about the diseases that Europeans brought over and I think it is very possible that Bigfoot were also decimated by one or more of them through some contact with Native Americans or even Europeans and there is some old reports that provide evidence for this. This may have decimated their numbers making contact with them much more unlikely.

    Also they are said to be extremely athletic and extremely good at remaining hid in the woods. There are numerous accounts of them chasing someone out of their territory without even exposing themselves. They do it with noise and they herd the person out of the area.

    Another reason is that they are apparently nocturnal and move around when people are generally asleep.

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    Bigfoot is real, but the reptilians are keeping bigfoot a secret because bigfoots are as intelligent as humans, and they don't want humans to know they're not alone, even within our home planet. It's important that humans encounter no evidence of other intelligent beings, which is also why sperm whales haven't established communication with us (although that may be a good thing, as they don't consider themselves whales, much how many humans don't consider themselves to be apes. Even if you tell them they've descended from whales, they'd say "I ain't descended from no whale! Do I look like a whale to you?" That's right, 90% of the sperm whale population are creationists.)

    Although I guess it is sad that Emperor Penguins haven't been allowed to establish contact with us. Although they do officially own Antarctica, which is why the reptilians haven't allowed us to colonise it. It's already owned.

    So the reptilians have made an agreement with fey that they would make sure any evidence captured of bigfoot was altered with or damaged somehow, which is why we haven't found any evidence for bigfoot and all the pictures are so blurry. The fey are making sure we don't find convincing evidence, ever vigilant around bigfoot habitats.

    Also, the reptilians are doing the same thing to prevent people from knowing about dragons, although they're endangered now so it's not hard.

    So there are six or seven intelligent beings native to the earth; humans, reptilians, sperm whales, bigfoots, penguins, dragons, and, if you count them inhabiting earth, fey (they exist on another plane of existence, so it's not entirely certain if this can be said to be "earth". Also, rather than just one species, there are sprites, elves, dryads, gnomes, pixies ect.)

    So to answer your question, just like dragons, the evidence of bigfoot is covered up by our reptilian overlords with the help of the fey. Fey prevent people from finding evidence, the reptilians prevent scientists from accepting it. Hope that helps answer your question.

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    While it's possible that there is indeed Bigfoot, or something similar, there has been no evidence despite video footage, and that is refutable.

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    No. Most scientists discount the existence of Bigfoot and consider it to be a combination of folklore, misidentification, and hoax, rather than a living animal, because of the lack of physical evidence and the large numbers of creatures that would be necessary to maintain a breeding population.

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    Im Bigfoot AMA.

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    No, it's just a legend/myth and their is no actual/substantial evidence of it's actual existence.

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    Yes. I heard he doesn't want to be poked and prodded by doctors.

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