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Does virtual memory in windows 7 kill ssd?

If yes does it affect my ssd if i only have virtual memory allowed on my hdd?

My ssd is my main drive.

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  • 5 years ago
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    The more often any drive is accessed, the more chance of it failing.

    SSDs have a finite number of read/writes so setting up Virtual Memory on it can shorten the SSDs life.

    If you do set Virtual Memory on your SSD, set the Minimum and Maximum size so they are equal. Do the same with your Hard drive. This prevents the Virtual memory file from changing size wich speeds up your computer operations and save some wear and tear on both the SSD and the Hard Drive.

    Set the total virtual Memory to 3 to 6 times your installed memory. If you have 6 GBs installed memory (RAM) then the total virtual memory should be 9 GB to 18 GB.

    Remember to set both minimum and maximum the same.

    How to determine the size of your virtual memory:

    Regular user: E-Mail, some pictures and maybe some games that do not require high quality graphics total Virtual memory 3 times installed RAM.

    Moderate user: Movies, medium quality picture editing, games that require medium quality graphics card set the virtual memory to 4 to5 times installed RAM

    Heavy user: AutoCAD (especially 3D), Games that require high end graphics cards set the total l memory to 6 times installed RAM or the maximum setting allowed. It is possible that 6 times the installed RAM can exceed the maximum allowed Virtual Memory Setting..

    Source(s): 20 + years in computer support.
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  • 3 years ago

    Virtual Memory On Ssd

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  • 5 years ago

    You should not have your Virtual Memory files on the SSD, but on an HDD, it's fine.

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