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What News Story did Dan Rather make up about Bush W?

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    Rather claimed to have a letter written by Bush's commanding officer claiming that during the time he was in the National Guard that he never showed up or completed his required duty training. The document, however, was on paper that did not exist in the decade in which it was supposed to have been written. IT was printed on a dot matrix printer before they existed. And it was dated after the commanding officer had died.

    Even after experts discredited the letter, Rather still ran with the story. Once it was proven that it was a fake, Rather still insisted that the information in the letter was true, even though the letter itself was a fake. However he was unable to support that claim.

    There is nothing to suggest that Rather was the one who faked the letter. But even with all the evidence against it, he compromised many people's trust in him when he decided to publish the story anyways. And hurt his reputation worst when he continued to insist the content was true even though the letter was fake.

  • The only one making up a news story here is you.

    Dan Rather made up nothing, he simply believed a bad source who claimed he had proof of Bush's non-existent military career.

    I hope this is trolling, if not it is deliciously ironic that you'd make false accusations about this.

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      Really? And he still stands by it despite all the evidence...

  • He mentioned a story about Bush having a mind capable of rational thought. He was grossly mistaken.

  • Robert
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    5 years ago

    Nothing any of the other MSM pundits do only he went from the grey-obscured line of "opinion" to stating a "fact" which was proven to be falsified.

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  • 5 years ago

    It was about his national guard service.

  • 5 years ago

    I would Rather not say.

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