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My cat doesn t meow?!?

I have a 8 month old kitten, who doesn t meow.

She squeaks and makes "cricket" sounds, but that s all. We ve never heard her meow.

I don t know if this is relevant, but I rescued her from the wild when she was 6 weeks, and she almost didn t make it but I nursed her back to health and she s all better now, the only thing that doesn t change is her squeaks!

Is this normal?


Also, she's in heat for the first time. Makes the squeaking sounds literally all day every day. I have two other cats who are older and spade. But when they were in heat at her age all they did was meow and yodel.

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    We had a feral cat give birth to 4 kittens in our window basement well. We were able to catch the momma and the kittens. We were going to take them to the shelter but because of shelter hours, we had to keep them in our laundry room for a few days. Well mom would let us play with the kittens, not her so much, she didn't trust. One of the kittens chose my husband. No matter where he was, she would go to him and crawl under his beard. We took them all to the shelter but said we were coming back for the one, all black kitten. She will be 9 years old next month, she is still so tiny but such a little love. For the longest time she did the silent meows, her mouth would open, nothing would come out, maybe an "eek" once in a great while. Now, leave her in the bedroom with the door closed... the neighbors can hear her meow. She can get to going! But in a normal circumstance, she purrs a lot but as far as meow's... not much. More squeaks, chirps, little eek sounds... She has her voice when she needs it. I guess she just doesn't see the need to need it very often. I wouldn't worry, that may just be how your kitten is. She just might be content and doesn't have to say much.

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    I foster kittens for my local shelter and it isn't unusual to have a few per year who just don't meow. They squeak or mouth the word, but are otherwise silent.

    I adopted 2 of my fosters that I raised from age one week, now they are 3 months old. Neither one of them meow. It is a silent house. They do chirp at the birds through the window.

    I am told that cats don't meow to each other. Yes, they hiss and growl and caterwaul, but not the meow that they use to communicate with humans. Their mom teaches them the meow as she meows at us for food or attention. Well, my kittens didn't have a mom or older cat around to teach them the meow sound. I try, but I don't sound the same.

    I will be getting foster pregnant cats in a couple of months so it will be interesting if she can teach my kittens how to meow.

    So your cat is fine and maybe someday she will meow for you.

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    we adopted a male from the shelter when he was 9 months old,

    He didn't have a voice at all until he lived with us for many months and finally meowed!

    He would make little squeak noises and "silent meow" where the mouth opened but nothing came out

    He is now 8yrs old and fine

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    My cat use to squeek to and only ever so rarely meow. The vet told us it could be asthma. I would take her into the vet. Also could be that the cat is death, she described her as a quiet kitten. After about a year, every night the cat would meow really loudly.

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    I have a brother and sister, the male meows but the female does not. I think it is a girl thing. They are both healthy and now kitty sitting for their younger brother and sister. Same thing. The male meows, but the female does not.

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