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Good neighborhoods in Dallas? College grad may be moving there?

Hey y'all,

I'm currently 20 years old, thinking about calling Dallas my home for the next chapter in my life. I've lived in a really small town in NJ outside of New York City all my life. I can go both for country or city life. I'm a double major in Marketing and Business Management. I have absolutely no knowledge about Dallas, no friends there and have never been there so definitely would appreciate any advice about moving to Dallas.

Where is the best place to live? I'm a young, almost college grad, from the north, and am outgoing, and energetic. I'm all about that fast life, so I feel like I need to be doing something every second of my life or else I'll die of boredom, but that's just how it is up north. I also like to go out to the bars/clubs occasionally. Also, one really important thing is: My small town ranked #1 safest in the state so safety is really really really important for me. I'll probably be looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Not looking to spend more than $850 or $900 a month (is that possible, not sure how apartments go in Dallas). I am Jewish and prefer to be close to a temple or synagogue. There is one called Congregation Shaare Tefilla, it's by Preston Rd. and the 635. That's essentially where I'd like to be, but if there are better areas, by all means. I was looking at one specific neighborhood in that area.


So yeah... If y'all can really help me out, (especially with that neighborhood in North Dallas), I'd really appreciate it. Also, I look forward to meeting really nice people because I've heard of the southern hospitality. Bring on the heat, I'm sick of the snow and cold up here.

Thanks y'all and have an amazing day!!

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    I agree with other poster. Addison is great trot young people. Been here 7 months, and driving around to many many surroundin cities, looking for my next home, Addison is by far the 'hippest' and young population I've seen. So many restaurants and haven't been dissatisfied with more than maybe a chain sandwich shop here and there. Only clubs I would think are in Dallas, not positive. But there are plenty of bars and some different things to do here in Addison. There's a piano bar very close and a comedy club close by too. also, this city is very quiet, as are most cities nearby. It's just a nice place overall. The building live in has security all around the building; you have to key yourself in to get ANYWHERE. LOL even to get outside in some places.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

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    Since you really can't look for a place to live, why don't you just go there and get advice from the people at a temple? You aren't going to be able to get a lease until you have a job, anyway. Find a monthly motel for the short term.

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    Since you don't go to temple everyday but you do work it would be best to live near your job.

    Since you are young Uptown would be near the clubs scene, as would Addison which is also near the temple.

    Preston and 635 is not great for someone your age, but Addison is very close and would probably fit your needs.

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