any facts about lee hong ki from ft island? which hospital he was born in and floor room, number whatever… i need a lot of in depth facts?

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    I love Lee Hong Ki and i delieve you will find this facts very interesting

    1. He began his career as an actor but at 13 decided to focus on singing. He was playing the lead role in the drama "Kangsooni" and performed a song for the soundtrack. FNC Entertainment was so impressed with his vocal ability they snagged him and that's how he became the lead singer of F.T. Island.

    2. He practices his Japanese with his friend 49-year-old Japanese actress Takashima Reiko. They met when he played in the Korean-Japanese drama "Noriko Goes to Seoul. He played a teen with hopes of becoming a singer and she played the older woman who inspires him to achieve his dream. They've been friends for three years.

    3. He's curious about other cultures and has wondered what it would be like to marry someone from another country. That's one of the reasons he appeared on the global edition of "We Got Married" with Japanese actress Fujii Mina. It was a very popular edition of that show and the two actors remain friends.

    4. On the FNC Entertainment Reality show, "Cheomdamdong 111," he accidentally admitted he was dating someone. The other F.T. Island members were surprised to hear it.

    Lee Hongki did not realize that he was being recorded, so shortly thereafter he backtracked and said that he and the girl had broken up.

    He has said that his ideal girl might be a little older than him and that he has dated girls that were older.He plans to marry when he is around 32.

    He loves nail art. He loves it so much that he spends thousands of dollars every year to decorate his own nails. And he wrote a book about it.

    His nail art earned him the "Best Men's Nails" award at a Japanese event. He was the first foreigner to receive the award.

    HongKi idols are Alicia Keys, and indeed Angelina Jolie.

    HongKi’s favorite color is blue.

    HongKi has an obsession with skull’s stuff

    HongKi had his first kiss during third year of middle school.

    HongKi wants to date a girl with an opposite character of him.

    HongKi favorite season is winter.

    HongKi is not only good at soccer but also pool (snooker).

    HongKi broke his promise not to wear skinnies anymore.

    Hongki really likes Elysia, but he wouldn’t take care of her. He’d sent Seunghyun to clean after her instead.

    Hongki likes vivid colour undergarments.

    Hongki has lots of bodyhair. From his legs all the way to his waist.

    Hongki has many pimples on his butt.

    HongKi has a mole on his forehead.

    Hongki wants to visit New Zealand.

    Little HongKi used to open the front door of the house and just take his pants off.

    Hongki favorite ice cream is Mister Almond from Baskin Robin.

    HongKi cried while singing Saranghajimayo (Don’t Love) during their 2nd Live Concert : Rock Prince.

    During primary school, HongKi pooped accidentally while he thought that he was farting.

    HongKi likes to shoot the other member with the water gun when they’re showering, not when they have their

    clothes on.

    HongKi favourite song, Kirikirimai.

    HongKi likes watermelon.

    Hongki favourite manga is Naruto and Bleach. He also love to play Starcraft.

    Hongki has the habit of biting the skin around his fingernails.

    HongKi said that he had a lot more antifans than SeungHyun when they first debut.

    HongKi favorite dish is steamed chicken in ginseng soup.

    Hongki ideal girl: Innocent with a slight charm. He doesn’t want to date a girl with O blood type.

    HongKi has a younger sister.

    HongKi wants to debut in USA.

    HongKi is a king of messing up lyric.


    Hongki can’t stand gazing into a girl’s eyes for more than 10seconds.

    Hongki said he showed his happiness by doin’ weird dances.

    Hongki is Jaejin’s stylist. He often pick clothes for Jaejin to wear everyday.

    Hongki dislike capsicum/green pepper

    HongKi hates a girl that use tears to get out from problems.

    Hong ki is very skilled in Malttukppakgi [a korean game].

    Hongki is known as the sleeping black hole. He is the hardest to be waken among the members

    Hong is most annoyed when he tries to sleep but there’s too much noise around.

    Hongki’s Personally close Idol stars: Heechul, Chocoballs, recently Miss A’s Min

    Hongki doesn’t like to get free clothes from sponsors. If he likes any clothes during promotion he’d rather buy them from stylist

    Hongki defines love as mysterious and he even associates it with a rainbow since there are different kinds of love.

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