Cosplay!!!! (anime help)?

I am about to start going to a cosplay convention. And I have a few questions. Please help!! Thanks :)

1. How old do you need to be? (i'm 15)

2. Do you have to dress as a anime character? (Its hard for me to find a anime character to go as because i'm of a darker skin tone. Like caramel and i'm a girl. And there aren't many options. If you know any tan anime girls can you list???)

3. How much does it cost? (maybe an estimate)

4. What if you go alone? (No one from my school really does cosplay, but they like anime. So I might go alone or with my cousin or something. Is it okay going alone for first timers?)

5 What goes on at cosplay? And how long does it normally take?

6. Is there only one cosplay convention that goes around? (I heard people say that their are many conventions but i don't know. The only one I know of is the one. Is there any others?)

7. Do you need to buy like a ticket in advance or so? (like on the cosplay website)

8. Should I try to find someone online like IG or Kik to meet with? (like I said I might go alone and I don't know maybe I should look around to find if anyone goes?)

Any other tips or help would help, like your first cosplay story??? . Thanks !!! :) I'll choose the best answer.

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  • 5 years ago
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    1. Most cons let any ages go! At 15, you'll definitely get in

    2. No of course you don't HAVE to

    3. Not expensive at all! San Diego Comic Con is one the biggest cons and it's only like 18 bucks a day!

    4. Going alone should be fine, as long as you feel safe! Security is usually really good so they'll kick any creepers out. Just make sure to plan out your activities and destinations ahead of time.

    5. That doesn't really make sense...

    6. there are MILLIONS of cons!

    7. You can buy a ticket before to make sure you get in, or at the door if any are left. but you don't buy it from a cosplay site, you buy it from the con's site.

    8. I've done that before! It's a good idea.

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  • 5 years ago

    San Diego comiccon is $50 per day.

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  • 5 years ago

    oh don't do it, yahh, o mi godd

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