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Professional Wrestling: True Or False: Phil "CM Punk" Brooks is a fraud?

How much of Phil "CM Punk" Brooks Podcast has been proven to be nothing but a whiny by a spoiled anti-social wannabe 'Punk' for attention?

I'm sorry, how does someone whining about injury sign up to go into Ultimate Fighting Championships a few days later?

Why did Phil "CM Punk" Brooks state none of this well working for the company if he's such a 'Rebel', Why is AJ Lee still in the company? It just raises, too many questions.

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    -PPV after PPV Main Eventing with John Cena, maintaining a good record against him.

    -WWE Champion for 434 days; longest of the past 25 years.

    -Stood tall on the prestigious 1000th episode of RAW.

    -Rivalry with The Rock.

    -Streak Rivalry with The Undertaker.

    -Victory against Chris Jericho to build himself back.

    And he left because fighting Triple f*cking H at Wrestlemania was "beneath him". What do you expect from someone dumb enough to ask Vince "Who's going over?" when he's told he's facing Taker at Wrestlemania.

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    Punk is not a fraud.He was withstanding the atrocities against himself and left when he could bear no more.Aj is still employed bcoz she is a diva first and then punk's wife for the officials.

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