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Top 24 contestants. Thoughts on names?

I thought this post may be somewhat interesting. A few hours ago, the top 24 contestants of American Idol were revealed and I understand that some may not be into that show. Or any other different country variations of the show. That's fine. I would just like opinions on the names and you can be as honest and brutual as you can on them. Some of them, I'm not crazy for either. Just out of blatant curiosity! Lol



♂ Daniel

♂ Mark

♂ Michael

♂ Nick

♂ Qaasim



♂ Riley

♂ Savion

♂ Trevor

♀ Adanna


♀ Jax

♀Joey (unsure if real name)

♀ Katherine

♀ Loren

♀ Lovey (Real name, unsure)




♀Shi (Unsure if real name)


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  • Apogee
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    5 years ago
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    ♂Adam - great, a favorite

    ♂Clark - okay

    ♂ Daniel - great

    ♂ Mark - classic

    ♂ Michael - classic

    ♂ Nick - if short for Nicholas, good

    ♂ Qaasim - not a favorite even when spelled correctly (Qasim or Kasim)

    ♂Quentin - nice

    ♂Rayvon - no

    ♂ Riley - no

    ♂ Savion - so no

    ♂ Trevor - not bad

    ♀ Adanna - no

    ♀Alexis - meh

    ♀ Jax - so no

    ♀Joey - ugh, don't even like this nn on a boy

    ♀ Katherine - beautiful

    ♀ Loren - nice

    ♀ Lovey - so no

    ♀Maddie - meh okay if short for Madeline

    ♀Sarina-Joi - not really

    ♀Shannon - okay

    ♀Shi - no opinion, it is a legit Chinese name

    ♀Tyanna - no

  • 5 years ago

    Adam 10/10-Unique, classic and timeless.

    Clark 4/10-Too dated for my taste

    Daniel 10/10-Timeless and classic

    Mark 5/10-Too much of a word to me

    Micheal 9/10-Timeless and classic but it's never been a favourite

    Nick 8/10-Too much of a nickname for me but I love Nicholas

    Qaasim 3/10-Too out there for me

    Quentin 7/10-Unique and modern but it's not a favorite

    Rayvon 2/10-Not a fan sounds made up and just not my style

    Riley 9/10-I love this on a boy and I love the spelling

    Savion 3/10-Too out there for me

    Trevor 8/10-Cool and trendy but not my style

    Adanna 8/10-Pretty and unique but I don't love it

    Alexis 5/10-Too trendy and modern for my taste

    Jax 7/10-Feels masculine and like a nickname but it's cute

    Joey 5/10-Feels masculine and like a nickname

    Katherine 10/10-Beautiful, timeless and classic

    Loren 6/10-I much prefer Lauren

    Lovey 1/10-More of a word to me

    Maddie 5/10-Feels like a nickname to me

    Sarina-Join 0/10-Not my style

    Shannon 87/10-Feels dated

    Shi 1/10-Not my style

    Tyanna 3/10-Not my style

  • Paula
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    5 years ago



    Nick (as a NN for Nicholas)


















    Madison (dislike Maddie on its own)






    Loren (love it for a boy)






    • ?
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      5 years agoReport

      Join is meant to be Joi.as in joy. Autocorrect got away from me there lol

  • layla
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    5 years ago

    Adam, Daniel, Mark, Michael, Nicholas 'Nick', Riley, Trevor, Alexis, Katherine, Shannon are nice. The others are just ok.

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  • Hailey
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    5 years ago

    I like Adam, Quentin, Joey as a nickname for a Jo- name like Johanna, Katherine but I much prefer the spelling Catherine, Madeleine, but not the nickname Maddie, Serena but not Sarina, and Joy but not Joi, or double-barrelled names for that matter.

  • 5 years ago

    Lol we totally gave up on the show. We tried to stay with it, but it's been going downhill for a while.

    ♂ Adam: Handsome, classic, Biblical name. There's nothing wrong with the name but nothing spectacular.

    ♂ Clark: I can never take this name seriously without thinking 'super man'. It's impossible.

    ♂ Daniel: Again like Adam, it's a classic, strong Biblical boys name that will never become dated.

    ♂ Mark: It's my older brother's name (well his full name is Marcus). It's strong and handsome but I feel like it's kind of dated. I don't know any Marks born in the last decade.

    ♂ Michael: Similar to Mark, it's kind of dated. Still a strong, handsome and classic Biblical name.

    ♂ Nick: Funnily enough it's the name of my nephew! I like it.It's strong and handsome like the rest of the list, but not a totally overused Biblical name.

    ♂ Qaasim: Clearly a name from another religion/culture, so I don't feel like I have the right to have an opinion about it. I wouldn't use it, but I'm sure it has a beautiful meaning in whatever language it is from.

    ♂ Quentin: Love this name! Unfortunately my DH hated it so it was immediately removed from my short-list of boys names but I love it. It's quirky and yet still kind of trendy and strong.

    ♂ Rayvon: Not a fan of the name. Looks kind of made-up and it's just not my style.

    ♂ Riley: Possibly one of my favorite names for a boy. It's our eldest's middle name (spelled Reilly).

    ♂ Savion: Not even sure how to pronounce it but it looks kind of cool.

    ♂ Trevor: Kind of cool and trendy. I feel like the name peaked in the 80s-90s but I could definitely see it making a comeback.

    ♀ Adanna: Don't know why I'm not a fan of the name, but for some reason things aren't just clicking. I think i would just prefer Adriana or Ada or Anna.

    ♀ Alexis: Prefer it on a boy to be honest.

    ♀ Jax: Also prefer this on a boy.

    ♀ Joey: Sounds like it could be a cute boyish nickname for something like Josephine or Joanna, like in Dawson's Creek.

    ♀ Katherine: It's beautiful, classic, timeless and elegant.

    ♀ Loren: Meh, kind of dated and has ran it's course.

    ♀ Lovey: Interesting choice, even if it is just a nickname.

    ♀ Maddie: It's such a cute girly nickname for Madeline/Madeleine.

    ♀Sarina-Joi: Love Serena/Sarina, but not too sure if the double barrel is necessary.

    ♀Shannon: I feel like it's kind of dated and passe.

    ♀Shi: I'm sure it's a cute nickname for something, or perhaps a cultural name.

    ♀Tyanna: I would prefer just Tiana. Looks much simpler, and more elegant.

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    Oops. Join is meant as Joi like the name joy but with an I,

    Curse you autocorrect! Lol

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