Anime like Death Note?

I really liked Death Note and I can't find any anime like it. Please don't say Code Geass, I've already seen it and it was okay but not as good as Death Note. The plot doesn't necessarily have to be like DN's just kind of dark and mature. And it would also be nice for it to be under 60 episodes, but above 15. Thanks.

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    I haven't watched Death Note but I know enough to be able to suggest some things -

    Future Diary - futures and death

    Psycho Pass - law versus crime only different themes

    Durarara!! - a board high school student who end up with power over people. Has a similar vibe.

    Black Butler - mysteries, dark setting and detectives.

    Steins Gate - requires critical thinking. Not really dark but a good brain twister.

    Persona 4 The Animation - sometimes dark and Yuu and Light look alike.

    Ghost Hunt - dark series that deal with supernatural. Not all that scary (unless you watch it at night, no lights with headphones and no sign of another living person then its scary).

    D.Gray-man - similar plotlines but has more action.

    Black Cat - characters are strong and proud with little doubt.

    Chrono Crusade - digs into peoples believes and mistakes. Again not dark but it has a good plot.

    Subs -

    Tokyo Ghoul - dark with death and hidden identities. MC also stumbles unintentionally upon the supernatural

    Pandora Hearts - dark and has something from another world. The only thing to note is you'll need to read the manga if you want the whole story.

    Noragami - not dark but thought inducing.

    Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) - similar feel to D.Gray-man.

    Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist - similar feel to Black Butler only this one actually caught my interest from the beginning.

    Hope I helped.

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    Code Geass

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  • Watch Black Butler or Fairytale

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