what happened to portia de rossi on scandal recently?

I couldn't watch for the last 2 months, 'cus i was away....

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  • Amy
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    5 years ago
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    Well i'm not sure I can tell you exactly because I don't know what the last episode you saw was but here goes. Portia's character gets really annoying and teams up with the vice president andrew to try to convince the president to go into war with West Angola because it would be politically healthy for the republican part to go to war. Well andrew goes a little mental and when he can't convince the president to go to war he has olivia kidnapped and blackmails the president into going to war. i'm not really going into her kidnapping in detail cause you wanted to know what happens to portia's character, Elizabeth north. but huck in attempts to try to get olivia back tortures elizabeth and like her back is all scratched up and cut now and he threatens her kid. so elizabeth goes to mellie for her and mellie to solve all the problems sleeps with andrew to get close to him. steals his phone to try to save olivia, her husbands presidency, and elizabeth. anyways now they want andrew to resign but he wont so cyrus convinces elizabeth to testify against him in court and elizabeth literally scared out of her mind basically agrees. but theres not going to be a trail or anything because andrew was like ill tell the whole world about my affair with mellie if anything happens to me. so they basically let him be. but elizabeth is basically cyrus's ***** now.

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