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Should my sertraline help reduce my depression?

So ive sort of fell back into a depression the past few weeks.

My sleep never seems to be enough, I don't want to get out of bed (yet I get out of bed to do something even if its not a work day), and I just don't have the focus or energy I should to work (im only managing because im usually doing something so basic I couldn't screw up)

Its largely situational so im not sure how much its gonna help, but ive started to take my sertraline again (for a while I couldn't really notice if it was doing anything as I was managing very good on just my seroquel xr, so I said why bother?)

Here are the main things depressing me

1. Im just above minimum wage because it went up and before it went up I was higher above minimum wage and my cable bill and idk what else used to cost less, so im not as ahead of my bills as I used to be

2. I haven't been getting overtime, only adding to my above problems

3. My roof is leaking and im nervous about how bad it might be, but I can't see the underlying damage, all I know is its worse than last winter andddon't know if it'll hold up, we are trying to get approved for a government agency to fix it because we don't have the money to

4. Huge deductible, it makes my seroquel xr go up to $450 from 25 co-pay and until that is met it will drain my flex card and part of my money (which I meant to go towards braces as I hate my smile and have been told that i need braces for over 10 years)

Should my sertraline help reduce my depression?

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  • Miller
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    6 years ago

    Not being able to get out of bed etc., is crippling. Sorry you are in this situation. You just have to force yourself to get out of the house. Like go to the store, anything. Be around people / things that cheer you up. Be aware of those things that make you feel good and those things / people that zap your energy.

    Sertaline or Zoloft works but it takes 4 weeks to kick in. You should see your doctor or psychiatrist before getting back on it. It needs to be monitored by a doctor.

    Also see a therapist if you are depressed. Talking it out, having a good support system, coping techniques, stress management, and an action plan.

    What has worked for you in the past for stress management ? Working out , close friends, journaling, studying ? See if you can rely on those again. is a good site for new jobs.

  • Naguru
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    6 years ago

    If you are having even a slightest doubt about it, you should strictly consult a professionally qualified doctor and in future please listen to Doctor's good words of advice on all these matters.

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