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what are good perfumes?why perfume"s smell not work long time?

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    Second question first: perfumes are volitle oils suspended in oil or alcohol bases. As the oils evaporate they give off their scent. If they didn't evaporate thay would not give off a scent. Because they evaporate the scent gets weaker and weaker with time. Scents last 8-12 hours at the longest and this is the pure eau de Parfum form. Cologne, and eau de toilette forms of a fragrance last 4-8 hours. Evaporation is an integral part of a fragrance -it allows you and others to smell the scent.

    As for good perfumes -That's purely between you, your unique body chemistry and the scent itself. You need to try before buy -meaning test different scents on you to see how they smell on you. Some people love Chanel no 5 yet on me it smells skunky. When I wear Hot Couture by Givenchy people ask me what smells so wonderful but when a friend wears it she get a migraine. Perfume is the most personal thing you can wear so try different ones. when you test scents and find a few you like try a small bottles and see which you like the best and gradually you will find one that suits you and can become your signature scent.

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      thank you

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