What are some of the best high schools in NYC?

I need some good high schools in NYC because my family is moving there...

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    I'm a long time NYC public school teacher. I also have guided my own daughters through the high school admissions process. I have answered many questions about the NYC public schools on Yahoo Answers.

    First of all, don't base your decisions on anyone's list of supposedly "best" schools. The truth is that the best school is the one that is best for you.

    That being said, here are a few things to consider:

    Where will you be living in NYC? It matters. While kids in NYC do go to schools far from where they live, you should not apply to any school that is more than 1 hour and 15 minutes from your house, door to door. It doesn't matter how good the school is, if your commute is too long, you will not be able to take advantage of what is good about that school. Also, some schools have restrictions (or even "preferences") about who can apply. For example, you cannot apply to Edward R. Murrow High School if you don't live in Brooklyn. Millennium High School (the original Millennium, the one in Manhattan) gives "preference" to kids who live in the part of Manhattan south of Houston Street. But it's a small school, and VERY popular, so if you don't live in that area, it's VERY unlikely that you'll get into Millennium.

    The better schools require very good grades (usually above 90 average), good standardized test scores, and EXCELLENT attendance. The only exception to this are the specialized schools.

    The specialized schools: There are 9 specialized schools in NYC. All the better NYC public high schools are hard to get into, but the specialized schools are VERY hard to get into. 8 of the 9 schools admit students based on a test called the SHSAT. That test is the ONLY thing that counts towards admission. The 9th school, Laguardia High School, is an arts school and admits kids based on their audition and their academic record.

    Many people think the specialized schools are the "best high schools" in NYC. But they are not necessarily the best schools for you. (It's widely belived that Stuyvesent High School is the best of the bunch, because it's the hardest to get into. But I knew my older would have been very unhappy there. And I'm pretty sure my younger daughter wouldn't have like it either. So don't base your decision on hard it is to get into a school. That doesn't make it the "best".)

    I strongly suggest that you go to a website called insideschools.org and click on the tab that says "New to NYC." There you can read more about the high school admissions process. After you have a better understanding the way it works, you can use the same site to research individual schools.

    Good luck.

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    Best High School In Nyc

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    Where are you coming from? What kind of a school do you go to now? You would tell us that so we can try to tell you what is comparable. Does your school now have a wikipedia page?

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    bard high school early college

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    uws. collegiate high school

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