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What does the k and the x stand for in the physics elastic potential energy formula EPE= 1/2kx(squared)?

I have a physics test tomorrow and I have been sick so I missed a lot of review in class. I am doing practice problems where you have to plug in numbers but I don't know which "k" or "x" stands for or which numbers I should use. Please answer!

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  • 5 years ago
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    k is the Coefficient of Elasticity ===> Units: Newton/meter N/m

    x is the elongation or compression ====> Units: Meters m

    A spring with a Coefficient of Elasticity of 100 N / m is stretched 0.75 m. How much energy was required?

    EPE = 0.5*k * X^2

    EPE = 0.5 * 100 N/m * (0.75 m)^2 = 50 N/m * 0.56 m^2 = 28.13 N * m = 28.13 J

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