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how do we say black ribbon in japanese?


I know black in japanese is 'kuro' (黒) and ribbon is 'ribon' and therefore 'black ribbon' translated as 'kuroi ribon'. But I notice in an anime that 'black sword' called 'kokutō' (黒刀). Can somebody give me simpler translation for 'black ribbon'? Thankyou.

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    I'm not really sure where you got 黒刀 from. It sounds like a name of a sword from some anime, since anime series like to make up names to make characters or weapons sound unique, when in reality, phrases like 黒刀 are almost never used in the actual language... When I hear 黒刀, I imagine a very specific "black sword" (or rather, a sword with the name 黒刀), not just any black sword in general. Words like these tend to be like proper nouns, not regular nouns.

    Anyway, maybe you could shorten 黒いリボン to just 黒リボン (kuro ribon)... that would at least still make some sense.

    If you really wanted to go into old-fashioned kanji, you might be able to say 髪帯, but that doesn't really help since 髪帯 has an even longer pronunciation (kamiobi) than "ribon".

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    黒いリボン(kuroi ribon)is right word. It's not ribbon but 黒帯(kuro obi) is similar

    check kuroobi -

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    黒いリボン (kuroi ribon) is right.

    The character “黒” is read as both “kuro” and “koku”.

    “Kuro” is Japanese-original and “koku”‘s origin is ancient Chinese reading.

    Almost all kanji have more than one pronunciation.

    Source(s): a native Japanese speaker
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