Help figuring out this song? Some of the chorus lyrics are "I wanna be high and I wanna be loved" ?

I know this is very little information to go on but i googled these lyrics and nothing came up. This song plays on the radio at my job and I really like it. It is a male singer and has a prominent piano part in this song. I'm assuming its a current song and he has an upbeat beat but the piano part makes it sound melancholy. Any help? Or any suggestions on how I would better search for this song? Thank you.

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    Look up the radio station and look through the music that they played, and wait for the song to play on the radio, check the time, on the site, look for the list of songs that played, look for the song that played at the time, and you got your song :) hope this helps

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