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Nikon Coolpix flash settings?

When do I use the Slow Flash and the Fill Flash?

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    SLOW FLASH - Used in low-light situations when the camera would normally use a flash with a standard shutter speed for flash sync which is around 1/60th. The difference between AUTO and Slow Flash in dark situations is that AUTO uses an exposure to properly record the light from the flash and doesn't care about the ambient light. Slow Flash uses a longer exposure to properly expose the ambient light along with the light from the flash. Typical use could be in a church of the bridal party. Auto would produce a black background, while slow flash would expose for the ambient light producing a shot that shows the alter.

    FILL FLASH - Typically used in very bright situations when the flash wouldn't normally fire. It's used to remove shadows or fill in shadow areas. Someone wearing a hat at noon will have a face in shadow. Fill flash will blend the flash and ambient light and throw light into the shadows under the bill of the cap. A reflection of the flash will be seen in the eyes which is called a catch light. Catch lights makes people's eye look alive.

    Taking a shot of someone who's lit from behind and they'll be in shadow because the light source is behind them. Use fill flash to lighten up their faces to bring their values closer to the rest of the scene. Again, a catch light will be produced. This is why you'll see photographers shooting in full sun with their flashes on.

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  • 5 years ago

    The other answers are leaving out a crucial point. When you use SLOW FLASH you need to have the camera on a TRIPOD. The slow shutter speed used will require the camera to be STEADY to prevent blurred background. Here is an example of slow sync flash used while hand holding the camera. The subject is sharp due to the flash, but the background shows blurred streaks of light due to the slow shutter speed and hand holding the camera. (This can actually be an interesting look at times, but in most cases you will want the camera to be tripod mounted so all of the photo will be sharp).

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  • 5 years ago

    Slow sync flash is used to capture the background in low light, like at night.

    Fill flash turns the flash on at all times. I use it to shoot something that has a light behind it, like someone standing with the sun behind them. It lights up their front instead of me getting a silhouette.

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