Will this CPU work?

I bought an Intel core-i5 2400 second hand

The person had shipped it folded into tissue paper and placed in the corner of a bubble wrap envelope.

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  • Jake
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    5 years ago
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    That is not proper anti-static discharge protection, a very small spark from rubbing feet on carpeting or even foam packing rubbing together can damage a chip.

    It may well be good still, but you can't be blamed if it were damaged.

    From page 18 of a manual:


    "5. Ensure a static-free work environment before removing any components from their anti-static packaging. Wear an ESD wrist strap when handling the development board or other development kit components. The development board is susceptible to electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage, and such damage may cause product failure or unpredictable operation."

    • Watervav5 years agoReport

      Alright thank you for the answer

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