are there enough bird in western pa to hunt with a dog?

I want to get a brittany to hunt with but are there enough birds in westren pa that it would even be worth doing the traning and all that?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Really like Brittanys. And I do hunt Western PA. often. What do YOU want to hunt ? See, that has MUCH to do with how you train your dog. Old wisdom was to have a long ranging dog, one that worked out 100 yards or more. Since this is a pointing dog, they hold the bird till you get there.

    Now on the other hand....AND speaking of Western PA. well, now this is MY type of fun. Let's think RUFFED GROUSE. One of the best shooting birds there is. Fast, smart, and one of the trickiest critters I have ever seen. You NEVER get a good shot at a Grouse. Grouse are a woodland bird, so hunting in the woods is MUCH warmer then being out in a cold windy field. Yes, Grouse are tough to hit, no doubt. The average hunter, a good shot the stats for PA. say 7 shots to get one bird. BUT, with Grouse you get lots of shots. Again in PA, the average is 5 shots per hour of hunting.

    A Brittany is considered a premier Grouse hunting dog.

    May I make a important suggestion ? It so happens, we ARE speaking of Western PA., Grouse in Western, Pa. in fact. Perfect. Please google " The Ruffed Grouse Society ". Can you believe it ? They are in Coraopolis, PA. Western PA., ya know. Hummm could that BE a coincidence ?

    Here ya go :

    I think Ruffed Grouse are the coolest of the woodland birds, so much to learn about them. They have amazing tricks of survival to pit against your shooting skill. There are many, many sites to learn how cool these birds are. One thing I wish I could show you are my photos of actual Grouse no more then 20 feet away. You can not see them standing right there in the photo. I hand a picture to people they look at the picture, and ask what is it a picture of ? I have to point out 3 Grouse standing right there in the middle of the photo. LOL.

    Added : Grouse are amazing to eat also. They feed on wild grapes often, so the very white meat is also sweet. I always say, you hear a Grouse flush, you have 3 seconds to see the bird, shoulder your gun, and shoot all the shots your gonna get. OR the bird has survived. They will put a tree between you, dive down a hill side, or whatever, and you just got to see a tricky Grouse beat you.


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  • 6 years ago

    Also hunt in western and central pa. There are a good many grouse. There are also some pheasants around but they are a little harder to find and not as plentiful as the grouse. You could also hunt waterfowl, primarily ducks.

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