What should I take on a 5 day survival camp?


This year for year 10 camp I am going on an Alpine Bush walking survival camp for 5 days, and I need foods that do not need to be refrigerated and that will last at least 6 days, nothing like fresh meat. I have no idea what to take. I need foods that provide a lot of nutrition as we will be walking for at least 8 hours a day.

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    Small first aid kit

    Rope/parachord. you can get these little parachord bracelets which are awesome but you'd have to unwind it to use it which is a hassle.


    Dried food.

    Bug spray if you're in a buggy area.

    As little cloths possible. On a trip like that you probably won't change often so 3 changes sounds good to me.

    Good hiking shoes

    Look up the weather. Maybe you'll need a jacket.

    A sleeping bag. There are some bags that roll up small and are easy to carry.

    A tent isn't necessary but if you must you can get these one-man tents. just enough space to lay down.

    You might want to bring a tarp. Especially if theres precipitation (rain/snow/etc)

    There is probably more you should bring but this might give you the basic idea. There are some supplies you can get that are actually made for backpacking. So like they are fitted to a small easy to carry size.

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    You will need the ten essentials, food, water (and a resource for more and a way filter it) for 5+days, shelter or the knowledge how to provide it for yourself.

    Foods can be anything you like that you are able to carry, there are ample varieties of freeze dried goods like dried fruits and vegetables easy to fix noodles, rice and potatoes. Add in jerky meats and you have endless options. Take a walk down the easy prep row of your local grocer and visit your local back packing supply store.

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    MountainMan has a good list. Here's an expanded one, and consider what ultra-light backpackers carry, some don't even take a stove, just using a soaking bottle for grains.



    You could simply take 2 qts of nuts and fairly easily make it five days. We can go 40 days without eating, some people fast that long, but usually not hiking 8 hours a day.

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    You are going on a backpacking trip, not "survival camp". Bear Creek makes good chili and soup mixes. Mountain House has a variety of freeze-dried meals. However, you can put together many backpacking foods: instant brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, hot chocolate, nuts, dried fruits, dehydrated eggs or egg whites, sausages, olive oil, and spices.

    Check with backpacking shops or dehydrated food sites on the internet. Go down the dehydrated dinner aisle of your grocery store. Study backpacking food suggestions on YouTube.

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  • 6 years ago

    Is this a commercial camp - or - something you cooked up?

    Because you are seriously mistaken. In a survival camp - you don't bring any food - you have to learn to find it yourself to 'survive' in the woods. Duh?? The schools I attended - you were allowed the clothes on your back, good boots, warm jacket, hat, cloves - and anything you wanted to bring for equipment so long as it fit in a 1 quart zip lock bag and closed. For food - we were allowed to bring 6 ounces of dry rice.- for the 5-7 day training exercise.

    To call what you are planning 'survival camp' - would be like taking an alcoholic to the liquor store - and them being allowed to bring 6 to 8 gallons of booze to rehab.

    Survival camp - is usually a few days of education and hands on training - then several days of being put outdoors to verify you learned it.

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