Is there any typing test online where you can type custom text, and it will show you your WPM, as well as a copy of what you just typed?

I know I can go faster than 80WPM. But when I test myself, I always come up with 80. But when I'm just typing naturally, without having to look, copy, think... all that **** I can go faster. The nature of all of these tests, where I have to copy everything, slows me down and doesn't accurately reflect how fast I can type.

I found one site that lets you type your own words, but the actual test is you have to copy what you wrote. That's where the test actually starts. So that won't work.

Is there anything that lets you just type whatever?

On the regular sites, I just typed what I wanted to type, and came up with 90-92 WPM. But as far as accuracy, it just told me how many errors I had (which was all of them because it was relating it to the sample text). It didn't show a copy of what I actually typed. It just highlighted all the words, indicating they were wrong.

I'm looking for a custom WPM test that just shows me exactly what I just typed, so I can see for myself where my errors were in what I was actually intending to type.

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  • 6 years ago
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    In my business I actually appreciate more the precision of typing then speed!

    Actually, I use Winword to test typists.

    I give them a TEXT to type, start a chronometer and give them 5 minutes. Then evaluate with Winword's inbuilt word counter the numer of words typed and check the errors.

    i evaluate any result over 40 WPM AND ERROR FREE as excellent.

    So, all you shoud do is check start with a timer, type FREE text for a predefined time and then evaluate yourself your efficiency.

    You don't need any website or application to do that. WORKS FOR ME!

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