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How to deal with heartbreak?

I met a fantastic girl at disney. I honestly thought she was the one and only for me. We spent 2 day at disney together and bonded very closely. So after we had to part our seperate ways i got her number and we would skype everyday at least 3 times a day for hours. I mean all i id for this girl was compliment her and help her whenever she was upset. And she would do the same for me. She would always say "Ben i don't know what i would do without you, your bring joy to my day" She was my rock for weeks.. then she just happened to be with someone. this absolutely shattered my heart. I had given everything i had to this time my energy and my heart. So i decided that was it, which only lasted for about 2 weeks until i wanted to talk to her again to see what i did wrong. So up until a few days ago we where skyping and txting as we where when we first met..little did i know she was still with this guy. WHILE telling me she is attracted to me and wants to be with me and all this other bull. When i found out she was STILL with him my heart crumbled..i was so torn and deppressed i have been drinking heavily. Im only 17 and i never have felt this much sorrow for years.. its like i lost a loved one. When i practically did.I fell like i have no shoulder to lean on or someone to share my sorrow with.. its like im alone and heartbroken at the same time. I am deep depression over this and cant pull myslef together. She is always on my mind. Any help is appreciated.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Go to a Baptist church this Sunday and visit the senior high youth group. You will meet plenty of nice girls in there -- who you can see EVERY DAY! I don't know how far this other girl lives from you, but it sounds like it would be a long-distance relationship. Those hardly ever work out, especially for teenagers. Youth groups do lots of activities together, and there will be plenty of opportunities to get to know each other. And you will also get to know Christ while at church, during the Sunday school sessions as well as the main services. I encourage you to go this Sunday.

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  • 5 years ago

    Been there and eating ice cream helped me a lot :-)

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Give it to Jesus. He loves you more than any girl.

    • Jeff5 years agoReport


      Benjamin: Have you ever trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior? He loves you so much that he died for you.

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