Jeep Cherokee 01 Classic 4.0 (shaking) Engine light when shakes!?

Okay so I bought this used jeep because I needed a vehicle for college. After 2 weeks of driving it, I realized something really bad happening to it. My college is about 40 minutes away and when I got home I turned it off, came back maybe less than 15 minutes later and started it, it began to shake really bad and the muffler sounded horrible! I took it to mechanic and he said it was coil bar. I bought it 150$ changed it myself (easy) and again! Only happens when the car is still hot / warm. What's wrong with it?! Please help. It only does it after a long drive and I start up again when hot/ warm. :( I changed spark plugs but they were new! Everything on / in it is new? Radiator, a/C a bunch of new parts.

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  • Ralph
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    5 years ago
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    I am wondering if you are experiencing the heat soak issue that people talk about. The heat in the engine compartment kind of vaporizes the fuel causing a vapor lock when turned off and started back up in 15 minutes or so like you state. Lots of postings about it. Everything from changing the type of plug used to wrapping the injectors with some heat shield material, putting vents in hoods to dissipate heat to making it so your electric fan runs for awhile after shutdown to do the same . Do you have the $15 fix that Chrysler tried. The silvery heat shield mat on top of your intake manifold. Scroll down a bit at the link below to see a picture.

    Just yesterday I came across this. Talks about the adjusting the cam sensor. Hope some of this helps. Good Luck.

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